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I decided to do this comic shortly after joining FanForce, and with the people I knew at the time I came up with a story that revolved around an alien giving us powers. I started to draw it.


June 16, 2002:
More fan art, Craig's loving this! This time we have something new from Jimmy Tonn. Nice work.

June 11, 2002:
Great new fan art poster of Kieca added to the fan art section.

June 5, 2002:
Two new posters online featuring the good girls and the bad guys. Also uploaded a bio of Ki. As for Chapter 6, it's coming.

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And then I realised just how awful it was.

So I decided I needed a new plan. I went back to the drawing board, went back to examining what a Jedi was, what the Force was and came up with a new plot.

I think this is a much better story, with good characters and a good overall plot. I hope you all enjoy it!

My disclaimer: The characters are LOOSELY based on real people, mostly just the code names. The real names have been modified so that they aren't the real people names. But the point of this is that I just used the names as a basis for the characters, they do not reflect what I think of them. For example, I don't think Gecko is evil. :)

The Story: The Force was created along with Life, when God created the world. As humans grew in their knowledge, so did certain individuals strength in the Force. They learnt that the Force was almost like a conduit to God's will, and through it they gained knowledge and wisdom, and warnings on disasters etc that would emerge.

As the metal age began, and humans developed swords and metal weapons, the Force-sensitive people learnt to focus the Force into a power that would pour energy onto their blades. Soon, these "lightsabers" became a part of the human mythos of the world. 

In the early years after Christ's death, the Force-wielders separated into various different factions, and various "Force wars" began. One group, the Jedi, felt that the Force was given to them in order for them to help humanity where they could. Another group, the Sith, felt that the Force was telling them to eliminate the humans of the world to make room for more Force-wielders. Since they feel pain through the Force like any Force-wielder though, they look for ways to do this in a gentle way, making their religion very difficult to understand. Few Sith exist.

The last group of Force-wielders are very mysterious, and largely not organised in groups. They are the ones who seek personal power and wealth, and do not care how they get it.

In the 1960's, the Jedi developed a new type of lightsaber; a cylinder with a focusing lens. They then channel the Force through that, creating a smaller type of lightsaber.

In 1977 a young Jedi named George Lucas created a movie series called Star Wars, and in it he placed the Jedi. Now the Jedi could hide as fans of a hit movie, and people would not know they really existed.

With the spreading influence of the Internet, an Australian Jedi named Steven Kaven created a team he nicknamed FanForce, which was quickly adopted worldwide. The FF teams were designed to search for new Jedi online and then bring them to one of the Jedi schools.

This comic focuses on the current team of the Sydney group in Australia.

I hope you all enjoy the story.

Craig "Scream Man" Moore


Concept, story, illustrations ... Craig "Scream Man" Moore
Panels, speech bubbles & text, website ... Paul "Ki" Hapsellis