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Craig: I thought I'd decide to show you all the steps I go through when I'm constructing a page for the comic. This little section will show the steps going from the initial design phase through to Paul putting it online. I chose a page from the upcoming one shot "A Night to Change the World". It stars Kadue and Sith Magician. This is Page 4 of that story.

I usually plan two pages at a time: when I've finishing one off, I have the next page already in mind. The last page ended with Kadue looking for Magician through the Force. So I started this one off with Kadue sensing where Magician was. Since he was above Kadue in the last panel, I wanted him to drop down with a killer punch. I wanted him to just flip out of the way effortlessly, and then flick his saber out, obviously ready to fight. Magician ignites his saber and charges him, and they fight!

This step is called "roughing" or "base lining". I have been drawing a while, so I have developed my own style. It's usually much more basic with just lines and shapes. I tend to add basic facial expressions and clothing too.

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