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Paul: My part in the process is to make Craig's work look as professional as I possibly can. I use Paint Shop Pro to doctor all pictures and Microsoft's FrontPage to make the webpages. Firstly I fix up the panels by using a layer to box off what will show and what will be whitened. Next I merge the layer and background, then I work on each dialogue box as individual layers, and merge them once I'm done with them. I use rectangular speech bubbles as opposed to curved bubbles simply because of my lack of experience with photo editing programs, but I am slowly learning how to do more difficult bubbles (see Dark Sun Rising #4, Page 12). I also write the text in for each bubble on a separate layer just in case I want to position it differently. Once the pages have been doctored, I upload them to the site, update the webpages, and they're ready for your online viewing!

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