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Scream Man

Name: Craig Martin.

Age: 22.

Birthday: 7th August.

Place of birth: Northern Beaches, Sydney.

Occupation: Groundsman/Gardener.

Nicknames: "Scream Man", "Scream", "Screamer".

Marital Status: Single.

Group Affiliation: FanForce.

Height: 6'3.

Eyes: Blue.

Hair: Blonde.

Saber colour: Dark blue.

Abilities: The Force has made Craig more agile and strong than others. Think Spiderman without webs and sticking to walls. He can jump about 15 feet straight up, and lift a small car. This also makes him slightly more invulnerable than the others, probably able to withstand a knife.

Craig's notes: Craig has a hero complex. He is always willing to jump headfirst into the fray, which more often than not will get him trapped or injured. Because of his power he has become used to traveling at a run or jump, and has trouble just walking along or moving slowly. He quickly befriended Carolyn, and thinks of her as a little sister. He fell in love with Linda, and chased her for a long time before she agreed to start going out with him. While he is one of the more action packed characters, look for him to get injured fairly often.