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Name: Laura Priest.

Age: 19.

Birthday: 23rd November.

Place of birth: Sydney, NSW.

Occupation: Music student, Conservatorium of Music, Sydney.

Nicknames: "Maestrino", "Maes", "Lozza".

Marital Status: Single.

Group Affiliation: FanForce.

Height: 5'9.

Eyes: Blue.

Hair: Brown.

Saber colour: Gold.

Abilities: Laura can channel the Force to heal a body through her voice. When she sings, whoever she is touching is healed of wounds, depending on the severity. Over time, she can cure almost anything, if the damage is repairable. Long term attempts at healing can damage her voice, and make her weak. She also has basic level Force abilities.

Craig's notes: Laura hasn't appeared much in the series yet, but will have a more important role in later events. She's pretty cheery a lot of the time, and much less violent than the others are, more against combat. When healing someone she is very focused. She doesn't tell anyone, but when healing someone, she feels an emotional bond through the force with them, and often shares their pain as she heals. Laura will be getting a different hair style later in the series, so for this bio pic I did her with the shorter hair. :)