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Name: Carolyn Nielson.

Age: 16.

Birthday: 15th October.

Place of birth: Thirlmere, NSW.

Occupation: High school student.

Nicknames: "Kieca", "Caz", "Lil Sister".

Marital Status: Single.

Group Affiliation: FanForce.

Height: 5'7.

Eyes: Brown.

Hair: Brown.

Saber colour: Yet to construct her lightsaber.

Abilities: Manipulative empathy. She can sense and then alter the emotional state of people. This allows her to create fear, hope or any emotion in people. Sometimes this can manifest subconsciously in the people around her. If she is happy, then more often than not the people around her start to be cheered up also. If she's scared, others may begin to also feel a sense of fear.

Craig's notes: Carolyn is one of the more fun characters to write. As the youngest and newest member of FanForce, she is usually totally amazed at the things happening around her. Often sweet and chirpy, she can be affected by the emotions of those around her, the same way that she can affect theirs. She is too young to be on an active team, so the others are very protective of her, probably overprotective. She and Shara will become closer friends over the course of the series.