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Name: Paul Hatsakis.

Age: 20.

Birthday: 17th November.

Place of birth: Sydney, New South Wales.

Occupation: Economics and finance for Lightblade Industries.

Nicknames: "Ki-Bara-Mundi", "Ki", "Paulie".

Marital Status: Single.

Group Affiliation: FanForce (Team Leader).

Height: 5'6.

Eyes: Dark brown.

Hair: Dark brown.

Saber colour: Dark purple.

Abilities: Josh has the ability to influence people through the Force. Now, while all Jedi can do that, Paul's ability is so strong that he often influences people without them even knowing it. He has become the leader of a FanForce team because he has a natural tactical and leadership ability, and his power makes sure his orders are obeyed.

Craig's notes: I wanted Paul to be the guy everyone is friends with, even without them knowing it in a way. His power is so strong that people are just automatically drawn to him, since he of course wants them to like him. With FanForce, I wanted him to be in command, but outside in society I wanted him to be a bit shyer. He is paranoid that no one REALLY likes him, but that people are just being influences by him.