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Name: Linda Ross.

Age: 20.

Birthday: 10th February.

Place of birth: Tamworth, NSW.

Occupation: University student majoring in languages.

Nicknames: "Jenna", "Linnie", "Lin".

Marital Status: Single.

Group Affiliation: FanForce.

Height: 5'8.

Eyes: Blue.

Hair: Blonde.

Saber colour: Red.

Abilities: As well as having the basic Force abilities available to most Jedi, Linda also has a Force gift of languages and memory. She can understand and use any language known to man, including binary codes and mathematics. Linda also can remember everything that she has ever taken in.

Craig's notes: Lin is basically a know-it-all. Because she can remember everything she has ever seen or heard Linda has a habit of correcting people about everything. Linda is independent, strong and extremely knowledgeable about everything, but insecure that she will get into a situation and NOT know what to do. She started dating Craig after stringing him along for a time. He chased her, and when she eventually agreed to start dating him, it was on the condition that they do not let their relationship interfere with FanForce work.