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Name: Sara Ryan.

Age: 19.

Birthday: 11th December.

Place of birth: Wollongong, NSW.

Occupation: Works in a record store.

Nicknames: "Foxy", "Sare", "Sara".

Marital Status: Single.

Group Affiliation: FanForce.

Height: 5'10.

Eyes: Blue.

Hair: Pink (naturally brown).

Saber colour: Pink.

Abilities: Sara has strength, speed and agility slightly greater than that of other Jedi - not quite to the level of Craig or Sam, but stronger than most. She also has a coersion ability. This is consciously controlled (she must concentrate to use it) and has influence for as long as she concentrates on her target.

Craig's notes: Sara had to be wild. From the get go, I wanted someone who was a showboater and someone who was the OPPOSITE of the calm Jedi seen in the films. When I met the real Sara she had pink hair. On that superficial basis, she got the job! In the comic she is very sexy and provocative, and I wanted that to come across when I drew her. Often she will have the wildest or sexiest clothing of the team, and its mixed with a vaguely punk style. She is also very acrobatic in battle, lots of big leaps and kicks. Underneath I wanted people to see that she really does care about the kids that FanForce bring in, and the second arc will highlight that more.