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Name: Phillip Harvey.

Age: 23.

Birthday: 15th June.

Place of birth: Sydney, NSW.

Occupation: Full time comm officer for FanForce, cover as data entry operator for Lightblade Industries.

Nicknames: "Episode1wasntanygood", "Eppy" , "Phil".

Marital Status: Single.

Group Affiliation: FanForce.

Height: 5'6.

Eyes: Brown.

Hair: Brown.

Saber colour: N/A.

Abilities: Phil isn't a Jedi, therefore having no Force powers at all.

Craig's notes: Phil is our only regular recurring non-Force powered person. Around the time that Steve Kaven was setting up the FanForce network, Phil hacked into TheForce.Net, a Jedi database, and was discovered. Steve and a young recruit named Josh Aline were dispatched to find the culprit, and when they did, Phil convinced them to let him help. Phil is always cool, and in control, able to multi task very easily. He functions as the Alpha Teams electronics and support officer. He constantly monitors life signs and the areas around the team, and also waylays official intervention in FanForce operations. When writing Phil, I make him always in control, and almost never surprised by what happens. Even though he isn't a Jedi, sometimes his knowledge and instincts give him almost Jedi-like senses.