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Name: Drew Saunders.

Age: 25.

Birthday: 25th July.

Place of birth: Melbourne, VIC.

Occupation: Stage Manager.

Nicknames: "Dsource", "Dee".

Marital Status: Single.

Group Affiliation: FanForce.

Height: 6'.

Eyes: Brown.

Hair: Dark red (naturally brown).

Saber colour: Purple.

Abilities: Drew has the Force ability of "future sense." This is one of the more vague Force abilities, allowing the user to see into the future, or at least a version of it. This sense has varying degrees of success. In battle, for example, people change their minds so much the power doesn't work very well. However Drew could accurately predict events more likely to be mundane. He can tell when traffic lights will change, which means he NEVER gets stuck in car chases of any kind. Drew also has long sense, which means he periodically sees the distant future. Exactly what he sees in these visions he keeps to himself.

Craig's notes: I kinda wanted Drew to be a more aloof figure. Since he knows what will happen to most of his team-mates, he is something of a loner. I really wanted friction between him and Phil; since Phil has no powers he doesn't REMOTELY understand someone like Drew. In combat I pictured Drew being a little like Batman; just an emotionless machine, always in motion and with the right move. As the series goes on, I plan on building more upon his past. I mean you can see in Part 4 that he has SOME former relationship with Syrix Kahl. And he has been a Jedi almost as long as Josh and Steve...who knows what secrets he's learnt in that time!